Katja haasto mut tämmöseen.

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Jaa, melkein vastaavan oon täällä kyllä tehnyt en ees niin kovin kauankaan sitten.. No, mut jospa mä nyt sitten kopsaisin
tähän vaikka ne vanhat livejournaliin kirjottamani jutut, kun
eipä nuo nyt niin mahottomasti oo muuttunu ja uusiahan
nää on niille ketkä ei oo näitä aikasemmin lukeneet. :)
Lontooksi, kun en nyt millään jaksais ruveta kääntään..

1. I'm afraid of bridges. Whenever I need to cross a bridge,
especially when doing it by car, I'm doing it extra carefully.

2. I have a certain order in my draining cupboard.
Every cup and plate has their own places there.
No-one is allowed to mess the order!

3. I hate my toes if they are un-polished. I always tend to have
nailpolish on them. Once I had them unpolished for few days and
had to wear socks even I usually don't wear socks on summertime. :)

4. When eating multicoloured candy, let's say for example m&m's
or such [ehm, we don't even have m&m's here, but anyways,
you got the point :)] I always take one of each colour and eat
them one by one, taking one of each colour again and so on. :)

5. When I'm at our cottage, I always brush my teeth on the terrace.
No matter if it's summer or winter. Always. :)

6. I always have alarm on on my mobile phone when I'm going
somewhere. It's telling me when I need to leave. Well, that's
 every work morning too, actually. Otherwise I'd be always
even more late than I usually am. :)

7. Always when I'm mailing out something, I check the address
 once more before putting the envie to the orange mailbox.
And count the stamps too. Just to be sure. :)

Toinen setti. Kun teitä kaikkia kumminkin kiinnostaa.  :)

1) When I'm coming home from sauna, I don't want to touch
door knobs or anything "dirty" like that with my bare hands
before I'm home, behind my own door. :) Guess I just want
to keep my hands as clean as possible after sauna. :)

2) I always have both alarm clock and my phone waking
me up in the morning. Otherwise I'm panicking that
the equipment I'm using isn't working. :)

3) When I come home from work, I usually change on
something more comfortable to wear. [well, I never
wear anything very uncomfortable, but anyways,
at home I love wearing trainers/sweatpants etc.]

4) If I'm not able to watch the first episode of some TV serie,
I just can't start watching it later. [voi onneks nykyään on DVD-boxit! :)]

5) I don't know why, but I just can't wear mittens when driving
car. I hardly ever use mittens anyways, just when I'm going
somewhere rather close by and don't need to do a thing
with my hands. :) [tästä oon yrittäny oppia pois mut hankalaa on..]

6) When going to toilet, I just can't stand it if the toilet paper roll
is put like the way that the paper is going on the wall's side..
I always change it otherwise, the paper needs to be on the top! :)

No siinä! :) En nyt tagita ketään, napata toki saa jos tahtoo :)